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Fed up with your debt but don't know what to do? The DebtDestroyer does. Read on to learn the many approaches to becoming debt free. Take an exciting tour through the world of debt management - according to the resilient character you are about to meet. Wave goodbye to credit card debt and say hello to Debt Destroyer.

Who is the Debt Destroyer? Debt's Nemesis!

That's right. He's here, he's there, he's everywhere. He's the Debt Destroyer, looking for debt to destroy. He starts at malls, shooting credit card machines with his laser gun. Then he heads to the post office and makes all the credit card offers dissolve. Able to leap mall security in a single bound. It's a bird! It's a lawyer! No, it's the Debt Destroyer!

The Debt Destroyer isn't a lawyer. He's just a man concerned about the rising level of debt in America. In January 2005, Americans had amassed a whopping $800 billion in credit card debt alone! That's an insane number! Knowing that debt does mostly harm to his fellow Americans, he wants to stop credit card companies in their tracks. He wants to teach Americans about the evils of unsecured debt--that's debt from student loans, credit cards and medical bills. He wants Americans to know that the amount of unsecured debt you have (excluding a mortgage) should not exceed 20% of your income. Of course, student loans and medical bills usually can't be avoided. But credit card debt can, which is why he focuses his destructive powers there.

Debt Help Options

The Debt Destroyer knows that it's hard to get out of debt, and that most people don't know they have options. He's in the process of developing a flyer that he can drop over large cities so he can ensure that everyone receives a copy. In that flyer, he intends to explain the following debt help options:

The Debt Destroyer thinks people deserve to know their options when it comes to debt. Bankruptcy is no longer the only form of debt elimination! If you need help, let the Debt Destroyer guide you. Simply shout out his name and he'll fly in, just like most other superheros. He may even fly you to the nearest debt management company!

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